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How to Use TubeBuddy to Make a Living on YouTube

September 07, 2021 Christina Nicholson Episode 134
Become a Media Maven
How to Use TubeBuddy to Make a Living on YouTube
Show Notes

In this episode, Rob Balasabas, the Partnership Manager at TubeBuddy talks about how to start creating revenue as a creator, what revenue streams to implement first, how to grow a brand new YouTube channel, and what to do once you start picking up traction.

He also goes into detail about the five steps every content creator must make when they start, like:

  1. Do the research first - use TubeBuddy for this! 
  2. Start creating.
  3. Keep the viewer in mind while creating your content.
  4. Test the content for a month or two.
  5. Create more of what works.

Need help? Some people who Rob suggests to help you include Darrel Eves, Sean Cannell, Tim Schmoyer, Sunny Lenarduzzi, Pat Flynn, and Justin Brown.

Rob Balasabas is the Partnership Manager at, where he manages the TubeBuddy Affiliate Program, as well as a number of the influencer and brand partner relationships on behalf of TubeBuddy. 

He speaks at various conferences, virtual summits, podcasts, and live stream interviews. He’s also the co-host of TubeBuddy’s REVENUE STREAMS Show.

Find out more about Rob Balasabas and TubeBuddy on Instagram here:

Some other resources mentioned include:

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