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Organic Pinterest Traffic Strategy Dos and Don'ts

August 10, 2021 Christina Nicholson Episode 132
Become a Media Maven
Organic Pinterest Traffic Strategy Dos and Don'ts
Show Notes

Organic Pinterest Traffic Strategy Dos and Don'ts with Christine Wheeler

The best social media platform to use to drive traffic to your blog is Pinterest. Hands down.

Christina Wheeler is the founder of Pinnovation Media, and in this episode, she is going to share top tips for small business owners, bloggers, product sellers, and service providers to use Pinterest effectively.

If you’re going to outsource your Pinterest management, Christine will tell you what to look for when hiring someone and what to expect.

Here is a high-level view of our conversation:

Two big mistakes people make on Pinterest:

1. Low-quality pin design

2. Lack of Pinterest SEO

Five things to do if you want more traffic from Pinterest:

1. Batch your designs in Canva to save time and remain consistent.

2. Pay attention to your analytics to see what pins people like.

3. Update your old boards and pin descriptions to something that is keyword-friendly. 

4. Use video content as a pin.

5. Use idea pins, but keep in mind, they don’t link outside of Pinterest.

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