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How to Make a Living as a Digital Content Creator with Adaleta Avdic

April 06, 2021 Christina Nicholson Episode 127
Become a Media Maven
How to Make a Living as a Digital Content Creator with Adaleta Avdic
Show Notes

Adaleta Avdic is a digital creator and host of the Get an Adaatude podcast. She left her job working as a tourism marketer to go full-time as a content creator. 

In this episode, you’ll hear her take on the two big mistakes content creators make that hold them back from going full-time. She also shares two strategies for growing your Instagram account and engagement overnight. Adaleta also shares her social media and blogging schedule to stay consistent and relevant. 

This episode is such a great inside look at how Adaleta gets her ideas and operates her business as a digital content creator.

Adaleta started her blog as a way to write about electronic dance events she attended from January to June of 2013, but it has since evolved into a lifestyle and beauty blog. Her passion for writing and social networking has gotten the best of her, so she started sharing her travel adventures, life advice, beauty recommendations, and fashion pieces with family, friends, and strangers who have a knack for any or all the above. 

She incorporates affiliate links throughout the blog (RewardStyles Like to Know It) which allows her to make a small percentage of sales. The biggest source of income for her is sponsored content working with her favorite brands. In those posts, you will always find full disclosure letting you know she was paid for the posts.

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