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Atomic Habits Part 3 Make it Easy

November 28, 2023 Christina Nicholson Episode 259
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Atomic Habits Part 3 Make it Easy
Show Notes

Today, I will let you know what I highlighted and why in part three of this Atomic Habits series.

If you’re not familiar with Atomic Habits, here’s a crash course:

James Clear wrote this book and introduces “The Four Laws of Behavior Change”.

The four laws are:

  1. Make it Obvious
  2. Make it Attractive
  3. Make it Easy
  4. Make it Satisfying

Those four things to remember in each law are: 

  1. Cue
  2. Craving
  3. Response 
  4. Reward

These things can help build good habits and break bad habits habits.

Then, Clear describes “Habit Stacking” and “Environment Design”.

The idea is to overcome common hurdles people face when trying to establish new habits and break bad ones.

Plus, he shares advice on how to stay consistent and motivated when the initial enthusiasm wanes… as it almost always does.

There is a long-term impact of adopting atomic habits.

That’s why I’m going to summarize key takeaways from the book Atomic Habits by reading what I’ve highlighted in the book.

For links to the book and to read this transcript or watch the captioned video, just visit

I also want to hear about your own habit-building experiences and what is working for you.

Okay, let’s go!

In this third part of the series, I’ll share my notes and lessons from the third section: Make it Easy

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