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Inside my Brand New Content Flywheel

August 29, 2023 Christina Nicholson Episode 246
Become a Media Maven
Inside my Brand New Content Flywheel
Show Notes

I consider a flywheel a system. It’s an order of doing things that once started, should keep going. One thing leads to the next.

You can have a sales flywheel, a marketing flywheel, an operations flywheel, and more.

I decided to create a content flywheel on paper. 

It was always in my head, but making a design in Canva to actually see makes a big difference for me when it comes to execution. 

Why content?

When I look at how I get most of my leads and my clients, it’s from my content. 

Even if it’s not directly from my content, people look me up and check me out before deciding to contact me. 

My content is a big factor in their decision. 

So, this is a behind-the-scenes look at my content flywheel.

If you want to see what it looks like, log onto and click on this episode. 

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