Become a Media Maven

5 Ways One Media Placement Led to 1,600 Customers

August 15, 2023 Christina Nicholson Episode 244
Become a Media Maven
5 Ways One Media Placement Led to 1,600 Customers
Show Notes

Before I tell you how one media placement led to 1,600 customers for a business, I want to remind you that public relations is not sales. It’s marketing. The sales come afterward.

I don’t like it when people rely on media placements to get sales. Can it happen and does it happen often? Yes. But it’s not sales. It’s marketing… and sales are a side effect of getting attention in the media. 

In SparkToro, Amanda Natividad told a story about her time at NatureBox, a snack food brand. She broke down her earned media goals into two buckets - long-term and short-term. One focus was on building a reputation and the other was to try to sell the product.

I love this story for a few reasons and you can replicate what Amanda did by focusing on what she did that worked well.

First, they were ready for conversions. When you’re ready, do these five things.

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