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5 Reasons NOT to Work with a Pay-for-Placement PR Agency

August 08, 2023 Christina Nicholson Episode 243
Become a Media Maven
5 Reasons NOT to Work with a Pay-for-Placement PR Agency
Show Notes

This issue has been plaguing the media and public relations industries for years. It’s paying for editorial placements, also known as paying for placement PR. 

Any professional will tell you this is wrong and unethical. But the people who want you to hire them will tell you it’s safe and a way to make sure you don’t waste your money. When they say that, they’re just trying to get your money with little regard for their reputation or theirs.

By doing this, a PR agency is guaranteeing results. Right off the bat, that’s a red flag. 

First of all, The Federal Trade Commission requires content sponsors to disclose whether they have paid for a third-party review or endorsement. When so-called public relations firms make these specific promises, they may be violating fair-trade practices.

Sometimes, they pitch and only charge you when they land something and call it a day. I’ll get into the problems with this today, but sometimes they also pay people they know who contribute to a place they land the coverage and that’s a whole different, darker story. I’ve done many episodes on this before so those out on the podcast.

The lines get blurred when you hire a publicist and ONLY pay them if and when they land you coverage. 

In this podcast episode, I explain why.

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