Become a Media Maven

My 7-Step System That Gets Me Booked on Top Podcasts

June 06, 2023 Christina Nicholson Episode 196
Become a Media Maven
My 7-Step System That Gets Me Booked on Top Podcasts
Show Notes

By appearing as a guest on a podcast, individuals can establish themselves as thought leaders and gain credibility within their industry. 

Additionally, podcasts allow for meaningful networking opportunities, as hosts and fellow guests may have valuable connections. 

Being a podcast guest also contributes to personal branding and visibility, helping individuals reach a larger audience and potentially attract new opportunities or clients. 

Furthermore, the long-form nature of podcasts allows for in-depth conversations and the opportunity to showcase personality, which can foster a deeper connection with the audience. 

Why you should be a guest on a podcast:

  1. To be introduced to new people
  2. Get leads
  3. To turn leads into sales

Biggest mistakes people make:

  1. The pitches are too long
  2. Talking points are too generic
  3. Pitches are too promotional

What to do instead? That's what this podcast is all about!

Resources mentioned in this episode:

My online “one-sheeter”

Pitch Publicity Profit Bootcamp

The Media Mentoring Program

The exact pitch I sent to Pat Flynn

35 Things to Do After You Earn Media Coverage

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