Become a Media Maven

5 Things You Need to Have in Place Before You Act Like Your Own Publicist

May 23, 2023 Christina Nicholson Episode 194
Become a Media Maven
5 Things You Need to Have in Place Before You Act Like Your Own Publicist
Show Notes

You need to be ready when you’re invited on a podcast or an opportunity comes up you weren’t expecting. If not, you will lose your chance, your competitor can snag it and it may change their business.

Let’s make sure that’s you instead of them.

Last week I talked about two ways to know if you’re ready for PR. Hopefully, you realized you are, so now let’s cover what you need to be ready to land coverage when opportunities come knocking.

These first two I will breeze by because I mentioned them last week.

  1. Are you an expert in something that can help someone? Do you have a product that solves a problem for someone? (If you don’t think you are, go back and listen to or watch  the episode from April 4th on 4 Ways to Beat Imposter Syndrome in Just 15 Minutes.) For more on this from a media perspective, check out the first hour of Pitch Publicity Profit by clicking here.
  2. Do you have a place to send leads? This could be a website, phone number, physical address… even a social media handle for you to start a conversation.

 Now, you need to help the journalist do their job by:

  1. Being available ASAP. Willing to work fast.
  2. Having high-resolution images, low-resolution images. Use my link to try out Canva Pro for free to get these things in the right size and format in seconds.
  3. Camera and microphone - airpods and a cellphone work fine!
  4. Sharing power. I don’t mean the size of your audience. I mean the common courtesy to just share what is printed, published, or aired.
  5. The confidence to just do it. Go back and listen to or watch the episode from April 4th for help with this. If idiots can earn coverage, you can too. 

Some resources mentioned in this episode include:

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