Become a Media Maven

How to Get on Wikipedia

August 02, 2022 Christina Nicholson Episode 154
Become a Media Maven
How to Get on Wikipedia
Show Notes

Everyone’s concerned about their online reputation but no one’s quite sure what to do about it. Worried about SEO, reviews, Google results, Wikipedia, or any other scary-sounding tools that you may be responsible for? 

In this episode, Josh Greene will cover the channels that make up your online reputation, provide tactics you can use, and some mini case studies.

If you’re wondering how to take control of your online reputation or which tool is considered the most important for managing your online reputation, this episode has you covered. Josh goes into detail on the following:

  1. Being consistent with bios in social media
  2. Running AdWords inexpensively on your brand name and your business name (because you get seven lines of text at the top to say whatever you want about yourself)
  3. Claiming your knowledge panel to control the facts Google shares about you
  4. Using Google My Business and amplifying your presence with the many features
  5. Looking at the images that show up when you Google yourself… and flag any you may not like so they can be removed
  6. Using Twitter for thought leadership
  7. Landing media and press hits because they do a lot for SEO

Josh Greene is the CEO of The Mather Group, a digital agency that solves marketing challenges for companies of all sizes. With over twenty years of experience creating and implementing digital strategies, Greene empowers top brands and individuals to shape their online presence to support their bottom line. 

He is a frequent speaker at conferences and industry events, including the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA), the AAF, ad:tech, SES, and PR Summit.

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