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7 Ways to Grow Your Podcast Fast

July 05, 2022 Christina Nicholson Episode 152
Become a Media Maven
7 Ways to Grow Your Podcast Fast
Show Notes

Did you know only 400,000 podcast shows have released a new episode in the last 60 days?! The competition to grow a podcast isn’t as tough as you may think.

In this episode, Todd Cochrane shares seven ways you can start growing your podcast today. He goes into specifics on how to:

  1. Use your website
  2. Bring energy to episodes
  3. Amplify on social media
  4. Attend trade shows
  5. Earn radio and media appearances
  6. Join a podcast network or start your own podcast network
  7. Have your audience help you by sharing on social media and tagging you

Todd Cochrane is a podcast advertising specialist. Executing podcast advertising deals with a variety of national vendors for the past 13 years, he was responsible for bringing GoDaddy into the Podcast Advertising Space as one of the first podcast advertisers in 2005.

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